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Carry Me Bouquet
White and bluish tulips attached to their stems
and wrapped in with a carry-on bouquet case.
Boxed Perfection!
Vibrant red roses with white and
and green highlights packaged in
a cardboard box for a stunning
gift option.
Wrapped Love!
Pink roses (a lady's favourite colour) and
anthuriums sprinkled with herbs find comfort
in a wrapping of jute. An interesting bouquet
for someone truly special.
The Hanging Lilies
Lilies and its leaves adorned in a
wicker basket combine to deliver an
eye-catching ensemble.
The Yellow Cascade
A yellow chrysanthemum arrangement
accentuated by green clusters and
presented in a vase. The cascading tail
makes it all the more alluring.
Floral Globe
Pretty carnations nestled between leaves
in a globe arrangement. Think this would
make her heart go round?
The Umbrella Effect!
Tulips and a sprinkling of grass leaves
presented in an umbrella make this arrangement
a truly unique gift. A bouquet such as this is the
perfect complement for that one and only in your life.
The Green Boat
White anthuriums with stems floated in a stunning
bowl-vase. Another creative design to set your
coffee table apart from the rest.

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